About Us

Seven Cedars NY is a collaboration between William Duke Larson and Dylan Abrams, a husband and wife team who focused on creating homewares that emphasize uniqueness and character, as well as offering found items with rich history.  All hand-crafted items are made in small batches on site.  

All wood is locally sourced and milled.  We only harvest wood from naturally storm felled trees, both on our land and our surrounding neighbors in the Hudson Valley.     Time worn techniques are utilized to emphasize the decay and impermanence of organic materials.  In that vein, our stock continuously changes, as previously milled pieces mature and are ready to harvest. 

The collection of concrete objects, on the other hand, poses questions about permanence, longevity and strength.  Shapes range from solid, heavy and brutalist vases to the ethereal fine edges of our infinity bowls.  Splashes of color and veining interact with the cool grays of aggregate and concrete, infusing the seriousness of the material with a sense of whimsy. 

The first method of recycling ever utilized. We seek out items in the Hudson Valley area that speak to our sense of style and our fascination with history and the context of objects.  Our focus is on objects that were once hardworking tools that can become objects of conversation and beauty decades later.